MCC Marine Pty Ltd - Professional Marine Cargo and Related Services MCC Marine Pty Ltd - Professional Marine Cargo and Related Services

MCC Marine Pty Ltd Services

The major services provided by MCC Marine Pty Ltd include the following:

Cargo Superintendence

  • Superintendence of loading and discharge operations – bulk and break bulk cargoes.
  • Superintendence of hold cleaning operations.
  • Vessel inspections to Australian Fertiliser import standards. MCC Marine surveyors are recognised by the Fertiliser Importers Federation of Australia (FIFA) and the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS).

Quantity / Weight Control

  • Draught surveys of bulk cargoes loaded and discharged.
  • Bulk liquid tank dips of both ship and shore tanks for chemicals and edible oils.
  • On and Off hire bunker surveys.

Quality Control

  • Inspection of vessel's cargo spaces prior to loading.
  • Sampling of commodities and analysis (by a NATA-registered associate laboratory).

Damage Assessment

  • Inspection of goods prior to loading or after discharge to assess damage.
  • Re-assessment of damage to vessels / port installation resulting from marine misadventure.
  • Investigation of Marine Insurance Claims.

Vessel Condition Surveys

  • Pre-purchase surveys.
  • Condition surveys for charterers.
  • On and Off hire condition surveys.

Damaged Cargo PicMarine and General Insurance

  • All aspects of marine insurance claims – investigation of causation, quantum of loss and salvage of damaged product.
  • Risk analysis and loss prevention. Advise on suitability of packaging, securing and lashing – of both containerised and break bulk cargoes.
  • Handling of specialist cargo claims such as frozen sea food, frozen foodstuffs, fruit and vegetables, hi-tech and computing equipment, scientific goods, heavy equipment, steel products and paper products.
  • Personal Injury matters investigated.

Photo of cargo hold before paintingPhoto of cargo hold after painting

MCC Marine Works Wonders

Satisfactory Lashing / Securing Surveys

  • Advise on lashing requirements for individual units.
  • Supervision of lashing of deck cargoes per MO42 and issue of relevant certification and report.
  • Inspection of containerised cargo per MO42 and issue of certificate of compliance.

Small Boat Surveys

  • Pre-purchase and condition surveys
  • Valuations

Vessel Planning

  • Experience in planning ro/ro / container vessels trading in the Pacific region.

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