About MCC Marine Pty Ltd

MCC Marine Pty Ltd, an independent Australian marine surveying company, has been operating in Brisbane since 1991.

All principal personnel of MCC Marine have extensive experience in the handling and carriage of dry cargo and bulk commodities, general marine surveying and marine insurance in Brisbane and world-wide. They are members of the Australian Institute of Marine Surveyors.

Our directors are Peter Murday and Roger Weiller.

Peter Murday

Master Class 1 (Unrestricted) – Sydney (Re-validated: AMC 2001, Brisbane 2007)

President of the Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors since 2013, Fellow of the Institute of Marine Surveyors (FAIMS), Member of the Nautical Institute (MNI), Member of the Company of Master Mariners of Australia.

Peter is a founding principal of MCC Marine Pty Ltd, forming the original company in partnership after 14 years at sea with both the Australian National Line and Howard Smith Industries and a further five years in Gladstone with Associated Surveyors Queensland.

Peter achieved the rank of Chief Officer sailing on bulk carriers. He also served on oil tankers, container vessels, ro/ro’s and passenger ships.

Since forming MCC Marine he has been to most corners of the globe on a variety of assignments. He specializes in the inspection and cleaning of ships’ holds to the very strict Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) Fertilizer Importers (FIFA) protocols. He also advised shipowners on AMSA requirements prior to their vessels trading to Australia. Peter also undertakes condition surveys for a major international sailing company and is a Cyprus DMS Inspector.

Roger Weiller

Member of the Australasian Institute of Marine Surveyors
Fertiliser Australia Accredited Surveyor
External Authorised Officer – Department of Agriculture

Roger has been a Director at MCC Marine Pty Ltd since 2019 although he has been working with MCC for many years. Before taking up marine surveying Roger was in the stevedoring industry for close to a decade.

With MCC Marine Roger has travelled to many countries on a variety of assignments. Roger is a Fertilizer Australia Accredited surveyor specialising in the inspection and cleaning of ships’ holds to the very strict Australian and New Zealand quarantine standards.

Roger is also an Authorised Officer for the Department of Agriculture which means he can undertake – Bulk Vessels Inspections – Inspection of empty containers – Export of Grain, Seeds and Forest Products into Bulk Vessels, Containers or packages. Roger has extensive experience with bulk cargoes and has worked as a Cargo Superintendent for many challenging projects.

Our Team

The Maritime industry is an ever-changing affair, and in the modern era the pace of this change is only emphasised. The ability to adapt is unique and above all else crucial for a marine surveying company steaming towards the future.

MCC Marine as an institution is founded upon several core philosophies that have ensured its prosperity for the best part of three decades, including the aforementioned ability to adapt, a standard of efficiency that is brought to every job, and an added element of building client rapport.

MCC Marine takes pride in the diverse range of jobs that we can be contracted to complete. Bulk vessel surveys, cargo condition surveys, draught surveys, cargo securing reports and warranty surveys are just a few of the jobs that MCC frequently caters for to meet industry demand. Our new offshore transshipment loadmaster division is assisting clients both here in Australia and overseas.

Beyond this, our staff is an experienced team from diverse industry backgrounds. They not only know the most efficient way to complete a job, but go the extra mile wherever possible to ensure the specific needs of the client are always met.

Our clients know that the MCC Marine brand will not only get the job done, but get it done well and in a timely and cost-effective manner.

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MCC Marine Pty Ltd

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